Invest In Stewardship

The Hosumdas Totem created by artist Roy Henry Vickers stands outside the Wuikinuxv big house in Rivers Inlet. Photo by Brodie Guy.

Partner with Coast Funds to Build Your Finance

First Nations-led Fundraising

In collaboration with Coast Funds, First Nations are forming long-term visions and tactical fundraising strategies to strengthen the stewardship of their territories for generations to come.

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Building Your Endowment

First Nations and funders are leveraging Coast Funds’ strong governance and diversified investment strategies to build a resilient, self-determined source of revenue to permanently finance stewardship authorities for future generations.

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We envision a world where First Nations exercise their inherent rights to self-determination, ensuring healthy and thriving communities and ecosystems for generations to come. Together with First Nations, we are setting a vision for what stewardship can become.

Since its founding, Coast Funds has supported the growth and development of First Nations’ Guardian programs and robust stewardship authorities along the coast. These programs help fulfill First Nations’ inherent rights and responsibilities across their homelands.

To finance these stewardship efforts over the past decade, Coast Funds has generated $67 million in earnings to date—more than a 120% return on our founding capital. First Nations invest these earnings into their communities, strengthening WELL-BEING while stewarding their lands and waters.

While the last decade since Coast Funds’ inception has seen many successes, there is so much more to do. First Nations across the coast have made it clear: diversified and self-determined revenue is required to build and sustain resilient self-governing stewardship.

We are responding to First Nations’ call-to-action to strengthen stewardship finance in the Great Bear Rainforest and Haida Gwaii. Together, we are fundraising and harnessing Coast Funds’ strong investment performance to bring stewardship visions to life.

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