2020 Coast Funds Application Deadlines

Winter Spring Summer Fall
January 17 April 10 July 17 October 2

Renewable Energy for Remote Communities Application Deadline

Call for proposals closed on January 17

In the event that the fund is not fully subscribed after the first deadline, the Province will determine when a second call-for-proposals for Renewable Energy for Remote Communities will occur, and Coast Funds will announce it to all eligible communities through an email issue of Talking Stick.

Complete funding applications, with all supporting documents, must be received on or prior to these deadlines to be considered in that round.  Prior to completing an application, please call or email us to let us know you will be submitting an application. We look forward to working with you to develop a funding application that we can recommend for decision by our Board of Directors.

To get started, please select an application stream:

Annual Conservation Funding

Focuses on annual support of multi-year conservation programs such as stewardship offices, regional monitoring (Guardian Watchman), heritage and natural resources, mapping and conservancy management, and more.

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Conservation Project Funding

Focuses on project-specific funding for conservation initiatives including scientific research, field studies, habitat restoration, investment in research equipment, conservation-related training programs, and more.

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Economic Development Funding

Focuses on the start-up or expansion of First Nations owned-and- operated businesses and economic infrastructure that directly supports multiple businesses including entrepreneurs.

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