2023 Coast Funds Application Deadlines


Winter Spring Summer Fall
January 20 April 15 July 14 September 29

To get started, please select an application stream:

Annual Conservation Funding

Focuses on annual support of multi-year conservation programs such as stewardship offices, regional monitoring (Guardian Watchmen), heritage and natural resources, mapping and conservancy management, and more.

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Conservation Project Funding

Focuses on project-specific funding for conservation initiatives including scientific research, field studies, habitat restoration, investment in research equipment, conservation-related training programs, and more.

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Economic Development Funding

Focuses on the start-up or expansion of First Nations owned-and- operated businesses and economic infrastructure that directly supports multiple businesses including entrepreneurs.

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Community Energy Diesel Reduction (CEDR)

Funding to support remote communities relying on diesel fuel to invest in community energy planning, energy efficiency projects, and renewable energy generation. Delivered in partnership with New Relationship Trust and the Province of BC.

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