Strategic Plan

Haisla Fisheries staff members monitor the Nation’s coast and river systems to protect community members’ access to traditional foods like oolican. (Photo: Brenda Bouzane)

Through the next three years, Coast Funds is committed to delivering consistent funding and services for First Nations, while pursuing opportunities to increase access to finance in support of First Nations’ land and marine stewardship programs, sustainable energy projects, and economic development initiatives.

In our 2023-2025 strategic plan, our board of directors has identified four key goals, along with objectives, that our team will prioritize over the next three years. These goals and objectives challenge us to continue, expand, and improve delivery of financing and services in support of Indigenous-led stewardship and economic development along the coast.

Goals and Objectives

Transition the operating model to continue providing valued services to First Nations, including the long-term financial stewardship of funds entrusted to Coast Funds.

With First Nations and partners, Coast Funds will:

  1. Plan and carry out Coast Funds’ transition in response to the dissolution of the Society.
  2. Diversify funding sources to sustain and grow valued services for First Nations.
  3. Guide the financial stewardship of the endowment.
  4. Support the development and fundraising for a marine Project Finance for Permanence (PFP) initiative in coastal British Columbia.

Support First Nations’ stewardship of terrestrial and marine ecosystems, culture, and protected areas.

  1. Deliver stewardship financing to strengthen First Nations’ capacity to develop, sustain, and expand stewardship and Guardian Watchman programs, Indigenous Protected and Conserved Areas (IPCAs), and regional stewardship initiatives.
  2. Collaborate with First Nations and funders to develop a long-term plan for the intergenerational sustainability of the Foundation.
  3. Explore new opportunities in support of First Nations’ efforts to secure diversified, self-determined, and sustainable sources of revenue to build resilient Indigenous-led stewardship programs.

Support First Nations in building healthy and resilient economies.

  1. Draw upon the Society’s economic fund to strengthen First Nations’ capacity to grow and diversify coastal economies through strategic acquisitions, business creation and expansion, supports for entrepreneurs, and enhanced economic infrastructure.
  2. Support the transition from fossil fuel-dependent electrical grids to sustainable energy use and sourcing by collaborating with coastal First Nations, the Province of BC, and funders to deliver financing and services through the Renewable Energy for Remote Communities and Community Energy Diesel Reduction programs.
  3. Support First Nations to identify and secure new economic funding opportunities.

Partner with First Nations to proactively facilitate the sharing of knowledge.

  1. Demonstrate how Coast Funds’ project investments are strengthening well-being on local and regional scales by analysing and publishing environmental, social, economic, and cultural outcomes.
  2. Collaborate with First Nations to share their project stories and well-being outcomes, facilitate peer mentoring and knowledge sharing, and celebrate First Nations’ successes.