Mamalilikulla First Nation

Village and Compton Islands

Mamalilikulla. Photo by Adventures Village Island
Mamalilikulla. Photo courtesy of Adventures Village Island
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The Mamalilikulla  First Nation’s territory encompasses Village and Compton Islands on BC’s South Central Coast

Mamalilikulla First Nation

The Mamalilikulla First Nation’s territory encompasses the islands off the north east coast of Vancouver Island between Alert Bay and Knight Inlet, including Compton, Village, and Gilford Islands.

The village on the northwest side of Village Island belongs to the Mamalilikulla First Nation people. The actual name of the village is ‘Mimkwa̱mlis, and the name means “village with rocks and island out front”. Eliot Passage, the marine waterway between Village and Pearl Islands in the Johnstone Strait region of the Central Coast of British Columbia, lay southwest of the opening of Knight Inlet.

Mamalilikulla sculpture on Compton Island. Photo courtesy of Adventures Village Island
Mamalilikulla carving on Compton Island. Photo courtesy of Adventures Village Island

The Mamalilikulla people speak the Kwak’wala language.  In recent years, the Nation has developed a unique ecotourism business, Adventures Village Island, that operates in tandem with the Nation’s new guardian watchman program that is part of the Ha-ma-yas Stewardship Network.

The Mamalilikulla First Nation practice “maya’xa̱la,” meaning respect. They have been taught by their ancestors to “refrain from over exploiting the abundance and diversity of life within [their] territory.”

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