Hunwadi/Ahnuhati-Bald Conservancy

Hunwadi - Ahnuhati-Bald Conservancy
Hunwadi - Ahnuhati-Bald Conservancy. Photo courtesy of Panoramio (Jon A Knowles).
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Hunwadi/Ahnuhati-Bald Conservancy is a protected area on BC’s South-Central Coast.

Hunwadi/Ahnuhati-Bald Conservancy

The Hunwadi/Ahnuhati-Bald Conservancy is found midway up Knight Inlet, on the western and eastern sides of this fjord. The conservancy protects the two large, undeveloped watersheds of the Ahnuhati River and Kwalate Creek.

Knight Inlet’s glacial waters, steep shoreline cliffs and waterfalls add to the spectacular scenery in the conservancy. The steep-sided valleys of the Ahnuhati River and Kwalate Creek also provide angling and other recreational opportunities.

The two watersheds and Bald Peak were identified for consideration as a protected area during the Central Coast Land and Resource Management Plan planning process. Following Government-to-Government discussions between the Province and First Nations, the central coast land use decisions confirmed that the areas would become a conservancy.

Overview provided by BC Parks