Tlowitsis Nation

Knight Inlet and Turnour Island

Qalogwis Village on Turnour Island. Photo by Panoramio User 4941601
Qalogwis Village on Turnour Island. Photo by Panoramio User 4941601
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The Tlowitsis Nation’s main community is located on Vancouver Island. The traditional territory of the Tlowitsis Nation spans the Queen Charlotte Strait and Johnstone Strait region of the Discovery Islands.

Tlowitsis Nation

The Tlowitsis territory also includes a portion of Hanson Island, Harbletown Island, Turnour Island, East and West Carcroft Islands, Call Inlet, and Port Neville watershed on the BC Coast.

The Tlowitsis Nation traditionally travelled and lived throughout their territory, evidenced by seasonal travel routes, food processing locations, and burial and cultural sites across the entire territory.

More recently their main village was at Qalogwis on Turnour Island, which had traditionally been the primary winter village.

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Tlowitsis Territory. Photo courtesy of BC Treaty Commission
Tlowitsis Territory. Photo courtesy of BC Treaty Commission

In the 1960’s the Canadian Government closed down the local school and the hospital ship at Qalogwis. With no access to education and healthcare, the Tlowitsis community gradually left Qalogwis and dispersed throughout Vancouver Island and southern BC.

To help preserve and strengthen the community ties to their land, the Tlowitsis Guardians maintain a presence throughout their territory and are involved in the conservation and protection of cultural, economic, and ecological values.

Tlowitsis Nation Projects

In partnership with Coast Funds, Tlowitsis Nation has invested in:

First Nation Applicant Project Description Links Type Year Funding
Tlowitsis Nation Tlowitsis First Nation Happy as a Clam Shellfish Ltd. – Twin Islands Oyster Farm Expansion To expand Happy as a Clam Shellfish Ltd.'s operations and farm inventory based southeast of Cortes Island at Twin Islands by constructing and installing additional oyster farm grow-out rafts and constructing a new harvesting machine to enable more efficient oyster sorting and grading processes that increases the company's harvesting volumes Economic Development Fund 2015 $ 17,429
Tlowitsis Nation Tlowitsis First Nation Guardian Watchman Program Start-up To initiate and operate a Guardian Watchman Program throughout its territories for eight months and to conduct salmon enumeration in streams in Port Neville Conservation Fund 2015 $ 67,742
Tlowitsis Nation Tlowitsis First Nation Acquisition of Happy as a Clam Ltd. To acquire the lease for an oyster and clam producer, Happy as a Clam Ltd., and consolidate operations with Chief’s Pride Aquaculture Corp. Economic Development Fund 2013 $ 316,000
Tlowitsis Nation Chief's Pride Aquaculture Corp. Shellfish Farm Expansion To expand an existing oyster farm that is operated by the Tlowitsis First Nation and to build floating accommodation and a workstation platform for aquaculture operations Economic Development Fund 2009 $ 100,000
Total Projects 4 Total Invested $ 501,171

Total Projects: 4

Total Invested: $ 501,171

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