Gitxaala Nation


Gitxaala Nation. Photo courtesy of JFK Law Corp.
Gitxaala Nation. Photo courtesy of JFK Law Corporation.
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The Gitxaala Nation’s main community is located in Kitkatla, on BC’s North Coast

Gitxaala Nation

The main Gitxaala community is Kitkatla, located on Dolphin Island, next to Porcher Island in the Hecate Strait.

The Gitxaala speak the traditional Smal’gax language. In Smal’gax, the Gitxaala people refer to themselves as “Git Lax Moon” which means “People of the Salt Water.”

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Gitxaala Nation Projects

In partnership with Coast Funds, Gitxaala Nation has invested in:

First Nation Applicant Project Description Links Type Year Funding
Gitxaala Nation Gitxaała Enterprises LP Salt Water Bakery – 2022 Start-up To invest in the start-up of a new community-owned and operated artisanal bakery business located in Prince Rupert; to acknowledge the Gitxaała people as the Git Lax M’oon, or the People of the Salt Water; and to create meaningful employment and professional development opportunities for Gitxaała members. Economic Development Fund 2022 $ 357,000
Gitxaala Nation Gitxaała Nation Predevelopment for Gitxaała Community Fishery Enterprise To complete pre-development work for the expansion of Gitxaala’s community fishery that will be supported by the Fisheries Reconciliation Agreement including hiring a new Fisheries Business Manager and designing and assessing a site for a new habour facility close to the village of Lach Klan; this work will assist in providing the foundation for more fishing employment opportunities to community members Economic Development Fund 2020 $ 355,000
Gitxaala Nation Gitxaała Nation Gitxaała Fisheries and Marine Programs – 2020/21 Operations To support operations and the expansion of the Gitxaała Fisheries and Marine Programs to hire a Forestry and Land Use Planner; update and harmonize the Gitxaała Land Use Plan; hire, train, and integrate three guardians; draft priority conservancy management plans for the Hecate Strait Sponge Reef Protected Area, Monckton Nii Luutiksm, and Gitxaała Nii Luutiksm; further refine the Marine Protected Area Strategy and participate in the Marine Protect Area Network for the Northern Bioshelf Region; and develop a Gitxaała Geographic Response Plan. Conservation Fund 2020 $ 220,000
Gitxaala Nation Gitxaała Nation Gitxaała Fisheries and Marine Program – Monitoring Vessel and 2019-22 Operations To invest in a state-of-the-art research and monitoring vessel that will enable Gitxaała Fisheries and Marine Program to conduct patrols across Gitxaała territory; undertake specific marine mammal (humpback, orca, sea lion) surveys; implement marine use plans; and improve safety for employees, Elders, and youth. Conservation Fund 2019 $ 800,000
Total Projects 4 Total Invested $ 1,732,000

Total Projects: 4

Total Invested: $ 1,732,000

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