Ksgaxl/Stephens Islands Conservancy

Ksgaxl - Stephens Islands Conservancy
Ksgaxl - Stephens Islands Conservancy. Photo courtesy of Panoramio (Subantarctic).
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Ksgaxl/Stephens Islands Conservancy is a protected area on BC’s North Coast.

Ksgaxl/Stephens Islands Conservancy

Ksgaxl/Stephens Islands Conservancy is on the northwest coast of British Columbia, approximately 30 kilometres west of Prince Rupert, and is within the Traditional Territory of the Coast Tsimshian. The conservancy contains Stephens Island and other adjacent islands including Prescott Island, Philip Island, Arthur Island, Skiakl Island, the Archibald Islands and the Tree Nob Group.

Ksgaxl/Stephens Islands Conservancy protects an entire island group that has high marine and terrestrial values including habitat for numerous bird, marine mammal and marine invertebrate species. Ksgaxl is part of a world-class system of wilderness-oriented protected areas along the north and central coast of British Columbia. The terrestrial and marine ecosystems are healthy and productive.

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