Alty Conservancy

Alty Conservancy. Photo by Jack Borno.
Alty Conservancy. Photo by Jack Borno.
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Alty Conservancy is a protected area on BC’s North Coast.

Alty Conservancy

Alty Conservancy protects Kiskosh Lagoon and Alty Lake – an area of high value for grizzly bear and bird habitat. This conservancy borders with K’Mooda/Lowe-Gamble Conservancy, K’waal Conservancy and Klewnugget Conservancy which together protects a network of inland lakes.

Alty Conservancy contains three remote pristine lakes, old-growth forests, several streams and wetlands. It has a diversity of wildlife habitats along with mountain scenery. Access into this wilderness area can be difficult and usually requires air transportation.

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