Lax ka’Gass/Campania Conservancy

Lax ka'Gass-Campania Conservancy
Lax ka'Gass-Campania Conservancy. Photo courtesy of Panoramio (
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Lax ka’Gass/Campania Conservancy is a protected area on BC’s North Coast.

Lax ka’Gass/Campania Conservancy

Lax Ka’gaas/Campania Conservancy is mostly low-lying and flat, with very shallow soils and much exposed bedrock. The central portion of the island contains Mount Pender, which rises to 740 m (2,427 ft.). Marine features include a rare white sandy beach in McMicking Inlet, small estuaries, and many inlets on the west coast. The conservancy protects all of Campania Island and Alexander Islands at the south end, including remote fish and wildlife habitats, small lakes & streams, bogs, fens, and scrub forest.

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