Ecstall Spokskuut Conservancy

Ecstall-Spokskuut Conservancy
Ecstall Spokskuut Conservancy. Photo by NorthCoast
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Ecstall Spokskuut Conservancy is a protected area on BC’s North Coast.

Ecstall Spokskuut Conservancy

The Ecstall River is a highly productive watershed with important salmon spawning habitat and five species of trout. Spokskuut is important historically as a meeting place between upper Skeena and Coastal First Nations.

The community of Port Essignton was established here during the steamwheeler days, when it was the site of the largest settlement in the region with over 3,000 citizens, three hotels and five canneries. This conservancy contains important First Nations’ cultural, spiritual and heritage values.

Overview provided by BC Parks