K’waal Conservancy

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K’waal Conservancy is a protected area on BC’s North Coast.

K’waal Conservancy

K’waal Conservancy protects an important river system, a small remote pristine lake, old-growth forests, several streams and wetlands. It has a diversity of wildlife habitats along with spectacular mountain scenery. This conservancy borders with Alty Conservancy to the southwest.

The Quaal River estuary is one of the top-ranking wetlands on the North Coast. Large numbers of waterfowl, including the blue-listed Old Squaw and Trumpeter Swan, use these diverse wetlands, which extend from the intertidal zone up the river valley. Large numbers of salmon and steelhead also spawn in the river. The conservancy also contains yellow cedar, hemlock and amabilis fir stands, as well as muskeg and small lakes.

The Gitga’at First Nation continues to use this area for traditional fishing, hunting, trapping, food harvesting and other cultural uses.

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