Calvert Island Conservancy

Calvert Island Conservancy. Photo by JBA5000.
Calvert Island Conservancy. Photo courtesy of Panoramio (JBA5000).
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Calvert Island Conservancy is a protected are on BC’s Central Coast.

Calvert Island Conservancy

Located on the outer coast near Rivers Inlet, Calvert Island awards its visitors with unpolluted, vacant stretches of white sand beaches. Popular recreational pursuits in the area include boating, whale watching, angling, scuba diving, hiking, wilderness camping, and advanced sea kayaking. Connected to and directly south of Hakai Luxvbalis Conservancy, this conservancy protects the southern portion of Calvert Island.

The waters surrounding Calvert Island are among the finest in the world for underwater exploration, with exceptional viewing opportunities year-round. Small crafts can find protected anchorage in both Pruth Bay and Safety Cove. Pruth Bay is on the north side of Calvert Island and can be reached via Kwakshua Channel, while Safety Cove is the first protected anchorage on entering Fitz Hugh Sound.

Overview provided by BC Parks