Upper Kimsquit River Conservancy

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Upper Kimsquit River Conservancy is a protected area on BC’s North Coast.

Upper Kimsquit River Conservancy

The conservancy is the highest ranked watershed for biodiversity on the Central Coast. It receives extensive use by deer and mountain goat, and is one of a few coastal drainages that support a resident moose population.

The Upper Kimsquit protects a unique grizzly bear habitat feature not found anywhere else in the province – after spawning in Kimsquit Lake, adult Sockeye salmon carcasses often freeze in the lake and as they thaw in the spring, they become an early source of protein for bears. Grizzly bears from the Kitlope, Fiordland and Tweedsmuir areas gather in the Upper Kimsquit to take advantage of this feeding opportunity.

Overview provided by BC Parks