Ellerslie Roscoe Conservancy

Ellerslie-Roscoe Conservancy
Ellerslie Roscoe Conservancy. Photo by Tim Ennis.
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Ellerslie Roscoe Conservancy is a protected area on BC’s Central Coast.

Ellerslie Roscoe Conservancy

Ellerslie Roscoe Conservancy covers scenic fiords, steep forested mountainsides, coastal temperate rainforests, a large cryptodepression lake with spectacular rock walls, avalanche tracks and pockets of tundra at higher elevations.

Large concentrations of Marbled Murrelets are known to frequent Ellerslie Bay, as it provides high-quality feeding areas for this threatened seabird. Ellerslie Lake contains a healthy population of cutthroat trout and salmon spawn in many of the major rivers and creeks.

Ellerslie Roscoe also contains very high First Nations’ cultural heritage values.

Overview provided by BC Parks