Coastal Guardian Watchmen of the Kitasoo Xais Xais Nation

Coastal First Nations: Sharing Intelligence Through The Coastal Stewardship Network

Coastal First Nations – Great Bear Initiative

Participation in the Coastal Stewardship Network is helping all its member Nations power up monitoring efforts and the quality of analysis on environmental and resource management decisions—and generating interest from other First Nations, researchers, and journalists.

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Grant Callegari Hakai Institute - Heiltsuk kids at Koeye River fish weir

Heiltsuk Nation’s Koeye River Fish Weir Revives Traditional Fishing Practices

Working with the Heiltsuk Integrated Resource Management Department, scientists from Simon Fraser University’s Department of Biological Sciences, University of British Columbia’s Department of Statistics, and the Hakai Institute, the Qqs Projects Society built a traditional fish weir in the lower Koeye River—and then used it to generate a wealth of useful data about salmon health. The

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Hiellen Longhouse Village - Guy Kimola photo

Haida Nation To Raise New Totem Pole at Hiellen on National Aboriginal Day

On National Aboriginal Day June 21st, Old Massett Village Council is welcoming all community members to participate in a joyful event: the raising of a totem pole at Hiellen Longhouse Village. Located at the mouth of the Hiellen River in Haida territory on Graham Island, this site hosts a thriving Haida-owned business that rents longhouse-styled cabins

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Talking Stick – Spring 2017

The Spring 2017 edition of Talking Stick features a story on the origins and accomplishments of the Coastal Stewardship Network, and reflections from the Council of the Haida Nation on its implementation of the Kunst’aa Guu-Kunst’aayah Reconciliation Protocol. It also offers a snapshot of Community Wellbeing Outcomes featured in our 2016 Annual Report, and introduces two new key staff at Coast Funds.

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Tatum Reece and Donald Reece conducting crab stock assessments. (Photo: Chris Picard)

State of the Gitga’at Ocean Report

The State of the Gitga’at Ocean Report aims to present Gitga’at members, leaders and research partners with the outcomes of key monitoring activities that have been occurring in the territory in recent years.

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Coast Funds' new Vancouver office, located at 475 West Georgia Street

New Vancouver Office Location

We’re pleased to announce that Coast Funds has moved to a new downtown Vancouver location.  The original location served us well, and our new location is the start of a new chapter in Coast Funds’ history.

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2015 Annual Report cover photo: Cheyanne Hackett of Homalco First Nation. Copyright 2015 Tricia Thomas.

Coast Funds’ 2015 Annual Report

In 2015, Coast Funds continued to make good progress in supporting First Nations to implement projects. In particular, 2015 saw $6,406,189 approved from the economic development fund and $5,063,632 approved from the conservation fund—the second highest combined volume of annual funding since our inception.

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