Yaaguun Suu Conservancy

Yaaguun Suu Conservancy
Yaaguun Suu Conservancy. Photo courtesy of Panoramio (Shu-ichi).
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Yaaguun Suu Conservancy is a protected area on Haida Gwaii in BC.

Yaaguun Suu Conservancy

The Yaaguun Suu Heritage Site/Conservancy area has been used since time immemorial by the people of the Haida Nation for cultural, social and spiritual purposes.

The freshwater lake and river system has high value for a diversity of salmonids. The presence of intact, old-growth forests provides excellent forage and habitat for Northern Goshawks.

The Friends of Yakoun Lake constructed a series of lakeside trails and continue to maintain them as well as conduct other stewardship activities in the vicinity. The Research Group on Invasive Species constructed a fenced exclosure research plot to study the effects of deer browse on the natural ecosystem. Two other larger exclosures also exist that were built by the Haida Forest Guardian program for the study of medicinal plants (ethnobotany).

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