Shearwater Hot Springs Conservancy

Shearwater Hot Springs Conservancy
Shearwater Hot Springs Conservancy. Photo by Jack Borno.
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Shearwater Hot Springs Conservancy is a protected area on BC’s North Coast.

Shearwater Hot Springs Conservancy

Shearwater Hot Springs (also known as Europa Hot Springs) Conservancy is located along the north side of Alan Reach in Gardner Canal, on the north side of a small bay between Shearwater Point and Europa Point. It protects a popular marine hot springs and sheltered boat anchorage site along Gardner Canal.

A bath house is provided so that park visitors may enjoy soaking in the warm and odorless hot springs water. The hot springs water comes out of the ground from cracks in the bedrock at the bottom of the hot springs pool.

The hot springs building and pools were originally built in August 1986 by a crew of volunteers from C.F.I. In June 2008 the original bath house was removed and rebuilt in partnership with BC Timber Sales, BC Parks, Haisla First Nation and the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts.

The conservancy protects an area of high recreational use, portions of a small coastal stream and coastal wildlife habitat that includes the marine foreshore and intertidal areas.

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