Neǧiƛ/Nekite Estuary Conservancy

Neǧiƛ-Nekite Estuary Conservancy
Neǧiƛ-Nekite Estuary Conservancy. Photo courtesy of Panoramio (Fbr).
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Neǧiƛ/Nekite Estuary Conservancy is a protected area on BC’s Central Coast.

Neǧiƛ/Nekite Estuary Conservancy

The Neǧiƛ/Nekite Estuary Conservancy is located at the head of Smith Inlet on British Columbia’s Central Coast. The conservancy protects the estuary and islands at the mouth of the Nekite River.

The conservancy’s branching channels, gravel beaches, forested islands, grasslands and foreshore are affected by the mixing of salt and fresh water occurring in the estuary. This mix of waters creates biologically and ecologically diverse environments that support many species of plants and animals.

Every spring, grizzly and black bears come back to graze on the spring growth in the estuary and come again to feast on spawning salmon in the fall. Other species such as wolves, deer, migratory birds and marine mammals also interact in the estuary.

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