K’uuna Gwaay Heritage Site/Conservancy

K’uuna Gwaay Heritage Site Conservancy
K’uuna Gwaay Heritage Site Conservancy. Photo by Marco Butturini.
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K’uuna Gwaay Heritage Site/Conservancy is a protected area on Haida Gwaii in BC.

K’uuna Gwaay Heritage Site/Conservancy

The people of the Haida Nation have occupied and collected food and materials from K’uuna Gwaay since time immemorial.

The Haida maintained villages and seasonal camps at Skedans, Hlgaedlin, Xa’lanjt and Si’ngi. Skedans Reserve is surrounded by the heritage site/conservancy. It is a historical trade and potlatching site where the Haida exchanged dried halibut, dried seaweed, herring roe, and canoes for eulachon grease, dried berries, goat wool, and horns. It is now the site of a Haida Watchmen camp.

Environment Canada, The Laskeek Bay Conservation Society (LBCS) and the Research Group on Introduced Species (RGIS) have monitored seabirds, shorebirds, marine mammals, and cavity nesting birds as well as conducted plant inventories on Limestone Island and surrounding areas. These studies have documented important ecological baselines, quantified impacts on native species from introduced species, and continues to inform land management through respected academic and civilian science.

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