Ksi X’anmaas Conservancy

Ksi X'anmaas Conservancy
Ksi X'anmaas Conservancy. Photo courtesy of Panoramio (Wucie).
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Ksi X’anmaas Conservancy is a protected area on BC’s North Coast.

Ksi X’anmaas Conservancy

The Ksi X’anmaas (Kwinamass River) Conservancy is adjacent to Khutzeymateen/K’tzim-a-deen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary inlet and protects important grizzly bear habitat. The conservancy protects a large estuary with sedge flats and inter-tidal habitats rich in food sources for grizzly bears. Low lying passes between Ksi’anmaas and K’tzim-a-deen provide travel corridors for the grizzly bears that utilise both watersheds.

The Ksi X’anmaas Conservancy is an important salmon bearing stream providing opportunities for angling in a wilderness setting.

Overview provided by BC Parks