Damaxyaa Conservancy

Damaxyaa Conservancy.
Damaxyaa Conservancy. Photo courtesy of Panoramio (beccles131).
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Damaxyaa Conservancy is a protected area on Haida Gwaii in BC.

Damaxyaa Conservancy

The people of the Haida Nation have occupied and collected food and materials from Damaxyaa since time immemorial.

A seasonal camp known as Kil was originally located at the mouth of Haans Creek on Shingle Bay just to the north of the heritage site/conservancy. Another seasonal camp known as Skena (Sge’na) was located just to the east of the heritage site/conservancy on the shores of Hecate Strait.

The village of Sandspit is the closest community to Damaxyaa Heritage Site/Conservancy. It borders on the northern and eastern sides of the heritage site/conservancy.

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