Daawuuxusda Conservancy

Daawuuxusda Conservancy. Photo by tasugringo.
Daawuuxusda Conservancy. Photo courtesy of Panoramio (tasugringo).
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Daawuuxusda Conservancy is a protected area on Haida Gwaii in BC.

Daawuuxusda Conservancy

The people of the Haida Nation have occupied and collected food and materials from the Daawuuxusda Heritage Site/Conservancy area since time immemorial. There are seven known Haida villages and seasonal camps within the heritage site/conservancy at Gasi’ndas, Kaidju, Skaito, Kaisun, Nest, Chaatl, and Sl’asit.

The remote location of Daawuuxusda Heritage Site/Conservancy provides an excellent opportunity to maintain biological diversity and natural environment values.

Of concern, though is the presence of introduced mammals (e.g., Raccoons, Norway Rats and Black-tailed Deer) which pose a threat to local ecosystems. Sowthistle, an invasive non-native plant, also occurs here.

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