Ugʷiwa’/Cape Caution Conservancy

Ugʷiwa’-Cape Caution Conservancy
Ugʷiwa’-Cape Caution Conservancy. Photo by Denis Dwyer.
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Ugʷiwa’/Cape Caution Conservancy is a protected area on BC’s South-Central Coast.

Ugʷiwa’/Cape Caution Conservancy

The conservancy boarders Queen Charlotte Strait. It contains exceptional beaches, scenic landscapes, large islands, small islets, rocky reefs, narrow passages, natural harbours, and one of the world’s fastest tidal rapids.

The conservancy’s coastline is exposed to the full effect of Pacific waves breaking directly on beaches and rocky headlands. Breaking surf is a dramatic and visually stunning feature of this coast.

There are known traditional use areas and significant cultural sites in the area. In addition, pre-contact and historic settlements in the areas of Takush Harbour and Allison Harbour indicate the strong association between First Nations and the resources that these lands provided. These areas continue to hold special significance to First Nations today.

Botanically unique vegetation patterns, principally those associated with coastal bog forests, are found in the conservancy. The old growth forests in the conservancy are in pristine condition, as most have never been logged.

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