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Upholding Each Other in Uncertain Times

Photo by: Brodie Guy

Dear leaders, partners, and friends,

On behalf of Coast Funds board and staff, we are wishing you and your loved ones health, safety, and stability in this precarious time. I am writing to share how Coast Funds is striving to uphold the First Nations we serve amidst the challenges we all face with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Our vision is that First Nations exercise their inherent rights to self-determination, ensuring healthy and thriving communities and ecosystems. During this unfolding state of emergency, it’s vital that we work closely to foster the sustainability of First Nations’ stewardship programs, business operations, and infrastructure projects.

Coast Funds and First Nations work in close partnership to make responsible and objective decisions. With this in mind, we commit to the following over the coming months:

    We can reschedule and extend projects —
    We will partner with First Nations to amend funding agreements and reschedule project milestones in order to maximize the sustainability and long-term success of every program and project currently receiving funds.
    We are suspending all final and outcome reports —
    We are suspending the requirement for Final Reports in funding agreements (economic, social, environmental, cultural outcomes) until October 2020. We can further extend the timing of Final Reports if requested by First Nations.
    Our staff are here for spring 2020 funding —
    Coast Funds has always had a continuous intake for new applications. If you plan to apply for funding for our spring round of funding (open through April 10), please contact us and our staff will work with you to build your application in a simplified, streamlined manner. If you require more time to apply this spring, please contact us and we will work with you to support your efforts.
    • Stewardship, Guardian Watchman, and Conservation funding
      Please contact Raine Playfair: or 604-684-0223 ext 1
    • Economic Development funding
      Please contact Ashley Hardill: or 604-684-0223 ext 5

Integral to all Coast Funds’ work is the responsible administration and investment of the funds entrusted to it for current and future generations. I want to assure you that our board, management team, investment advisor, and fund managers are actively monitoring Coast Funds’ investments during this economic downturn. Our portfolio is well-balanced across six asset classes, with a strong focus on socially responsible investing, which, over the past decade, has led to strong financial returns while contributing to positive social and environmental impacts.

You have my commitment that we will respond, as best as we possibly can, to the unique needs of First Nations’ governments and businesses in the days, weeks, and months ahead. While Coast Funds’ office remains closed, our staff based on Vancouver Island and in Vancouver are available and working full-time with unwavering commitment to our core values: respect and good relations; integrity; collaboration and reliability; adaptability and responsiveness; and, transparency and accountability.

I hope you and your loved ones are, and stay, in good health. We are all here in your service, committed to upholding each other in these uncertain times.



Brodie Guy
Executive Director
Coast Funds
604-684-0223 ext 2