Coastal Revival: A new documentary mini-series

Coastal Revival series

Coastal Revival is a new documentary series that tells the story of how First Nations, conservationists, researchers and ecotourism are combining to protect some of the most emblematic wildlife on BC’s coast.

Director, Brandy Yanchyk said, “The Kitasoo Xais’xais and Gitga’at Nations now have thriving businesses, providing local employment and bringing people from all over the world to view the elusive Spirit Bear and learn of its cultural significance.

The Spirit Bear episode

Venture into the Great Bear Rainforest to see the elusive Spirit bear in the wild and discover how the growing ecotourism industry is providing opportunities for local communities.

Revival of the Humpback Whales episode

The waters of the coast of the Great Bear Rainforest are home to hundreds of humpback whales every year. Listen to their songs and learn about how they’ve come back from the brink of extinction.

 The Marine Detective episode

Travel to the town of Port McNeill on Vancouver Island. Learn from Jackie Hildering, The Marine Detective, about the comeback of humpback whales and the new threats that face them in these waters.


About the Coastal Revival series

Coastal Revival was made possible with support from TELUS Optik Local, and launched over five weeks from Monday, May 2nd until Monday, May 30th.

The full series is available for free on TELUS Optik Local’s YouTube channel.

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About Brandy Yanchyk

Brandy Yanchyk is an award winning independent documentary filmmaker based in Edmonton. She has made fifteen documentaries in the past seven years. Her productions have aired on BBC World TV, CBC, Rogers OMNI TV, PBS, TELUS Optik Local and at film festivals. @brandyyanchyk

About TELUS Optik Local

TELUS Optik Local supports compelling, original storytelling in British Columbia and Alberta by providing funding to filmmakers to produce their content, training to maximize their potential and exposure to new audiences. Content is distributed for free on TELUS Optik TV as well as online. @OptikLocal #watchlocal