K’ootz/Khutze Conservancy

K'ootz-Khutze Conservancy
K'ootz-Khutze Conservancy. Photo by Jack Borno.
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K’ootz/Khutze Conservancy is a protected area on BC’s North Coast.

K’ootz/Khutze Conservancy

K’ootz/Khutze Conservancy is located on the east side of Princess Royal Channel, along the Inside Passage route. It shares its northern boundary with Q’altanaas/Aaltanhash Conservancy.

Khutze Conservancy protects a very scenic fiord, the entire watershed of the Khutze River, scenic mountains, coastal old-growth forests, high value grizzly bear habitat, salmon spawning streams, marbled murrelets and low-elevation Sitka spruce forests. It also provides a protected anchorage (with scenic waterfalls) adjacent to the main Inside Passage route where visitors can spend a night to rest, fish or watch wildlife.

Overview provided by BC Parks